senior developer,

I am a creative and innovative engineer who excels at architecting clean and maintainable web applications and APIs. I specialize in back end and API development, utilizing TDD with a strong knowledge of object oriented programming and software design patterns. Open source lover and frequent contributor to several popular packages and frameworks, as well as my own open source projects.

What I Specialize In

My passion is in building scalable and maintainable software. I specialize in a variety of engineering skills that are completely agnostic of any language or framework.

Software Architecture

A strong knowledge of good code architecture and design patterns is crucial to building scalable and maintainable systems. Coming up with clean and creative software solutions is my key passion in this industry.

Test Driven Development

I utilize unit and integration testing to drive the development of all of my projects. This process has been critical in sharpening my skills in code architecture and design.

MVC Frameworks

I have years of experience in several MVC frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, and Django. I utilize these tools frequently for rapid application development and prototyping.


I have successfully implemented CI/CD pipelines within our organization's self-hosted GitLab instance and use Travis CI to automate builds for my personal open source projects.


Building software that opens up communication between different services is paramount to technological advancement. My passion is in building the clients and systems that will make the world a better place.

Open Source Contributions

In my free time I maintain several open source projects and contribute to a handful of popular frameworks and packages.

The Laravel framework is my go-to framework for rapid application development. Inspired heavily by Rails, Laravel is perfect for small to medium-sized applications and has an amazing community behind it. I actively contribute to discussions and have committed several fixes and enhancements to the framework itself.

ACF Fluent is a Composer package I built and maintain that makes working with custom fields in WordPress more enjoyable. Built using TDD, the fluent interface allows for retrieving custom fields in a way similar to an Active Record ORM. It has over 2,500 installs and is my most successful open source project so far.

A PHP client for the Gemini digital asset exchange. It is built on expressive contracts that mirror the available public and private API methods, with a decoupled HTTP implementation for the underlying requests.